The aim of preclinics discovery is to develop new ideas into product candidates.

Each project is handled like a start-up in the seed phase, with the advantage off a central management for all projects which leads to less overhead costs.

preclinics discovery has access to the complete research infrastructure of the preclinics holding. The aim of preclinics discovery is to develop new ideas into product candidates.


  • Closing the gap between basic research and preclinical development.
  • Connecting inventors, investors and industry
  • Addressing all issues: pilot production, research model evaluation, study management etc.
  • Saving the budget and lower the risk.

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Both an investment into a project of your interest or into seed capital for a start-up company are offered.

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preclinics discovery offers pharmaceutical and life science companies collaborations on product development. If there is interest in one of the projects of our portfolio, there are different ways to participate:

  • License agreements
  • Joint venture foundation
  • Contract development

We are especially interested in investors with expertise in the field of life science research and development. Our focus is to find investors for the projects in our portfolio.

preclinics discovery is in search of strategic partners as long term stakeholders.

How to invest

Companies as well as privat persons can get Investors for our products. For details about our projects, please visit the subpages of them from the home page. For more information contact us.

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